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It’s a fact that most people spend a small fortune when on holiday. There is simply no reason why people on holiday in other countries need to pay more than the local people for food, accommodation, etc there just because they are foreigners.

The purpose of my blog is to give valuable pointers and ideas on how we can save money particularly on accommodation, food, transport and shopping when in other countries. Cheap accommodation or hostels in South-east Asian countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Korea and Japan are hard to come by. Places to stay for budget travelers are severely limited. Single accommodation arrangements are usually non-existent.

Hence the difficulty for travelers who are traveling alone either on business or pleasure ( backpacking ) in getting decent affordable accommodation without burning a hole in their pockets.Travelers on a tight budget, such as backpackers, tend to avoid South-east Asian destinations like Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong due to the high cost of living there. There are ways to find free and cheap accommodation if you know where to look. Some secrets are known only to the local people but this need not be so.


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